Human Resource Services

The most important asset of every organization is their employees. Good employees are essential for a successful business. Recruiting, orientating, training and retaining efficient and effective employees requires a competent Human Resource department or specialist. Unfortunately, for most new and small organizations this is the one area that is placed on hold, due to time and/or expense.


DeLei Ventures can provide nationally certified Human Resource consultants to establish: 1. Recruitment and Retention processes and procedures; 2. Employee Training and Development and 3. Local/State/Federal Regulatory Compliance.

  1. Recruitment & Retention
    1. Accessing workforce needs and productivity
    2. Recruiting new employees including advertising, interviewing, background/reference checks
    3. Developing orientation processes and trainings
    4. Developing and/or updating employee manuals, policies and procedures, job descriptions
    5. Review and develop optional benefit solutions
    6. Handling disciplinary issues and terminations
    7. Limit organization’s legal liability by providing an avenue for employee complaints and the proper handling of disputes.
  2. Employee Training
    1. Manage employee safety and welfare concerns through annual trainings in risk management, safety and security
    2. Provide a venue for professional growth and development
  3. Local/State/Federal Compliance
    1. Keeping the organization in compliance of regulations regarding employees, such as wage laws, paid time off allocations and processes, leaves of absence, worker’s compensation and reporting