A Back Office You Can Count On

How do we get our get our income recorded and in the bank in time to pay our bills? I need a loan, but I can’t show the bank that we are successful! We have new employees coming on faster than we can orient and train. Our managers have never supervised people before! Our employees are leaving as fast we are hiring! HELP!!

Every successful business needs an efficient and effective “back office.” The unseen processes and people that makes everything click. For most small businesses, having all the resources and people to successfully compete and fulfill their mission can be almost impossible. Employing experts in finance, organizational design, Human Resources and leadership training and development can be very expensive and out of reach for most small business and not-for profits. That’s where DeLei Ventures, LLC can help.

Our mission is to provide back office solutions to those that are in need and can’t afford in-house employees or expensive consultant agencies, by providing “Solutions for Your Success.” After years of working with corporate or non-profit organizations, DeLei Ventures has the knowledge and expertise to provide the “back office” resources you can count on to take your organization to the next level at an affordable cost.



Solutions Spotlight

How to Grow Your Business – S.M.A.R.T. Goals

No matter how small your business, it is necessary to have your “ducks in a row.” S.M.A.R.T. Goals” can help provide your organization with focus, drive and enthusiam.  Goals engage employees and give them something to work towards. Goals capture data that can show the strong areas of your business and define areas for improvement. […]



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